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Mehr Sicherheit. Mehr Mobilität. Mehr vom Leben.
ProtheoFit bewegt.

ProtheoFit improves your sense of vitality

ProtheoFit has set the goal of returning you as well as possible to your accustomed life situation. We therefore consider it very important to get you moving again.

ProtheoFit brings"drive" to your everyday routine

» Everyday training for the house and garden
» Indoor and outdoorstair training with and without banisters
» Mastering ascents and descents
» Endurance training with the prosthesis
» Function training specially matched to your job, e.g.
      skilled labourer: climbing ladders
      waiter: balance training
      office worker: optimalsitting position

» Cycling with the prosthesis
» Driving a car or riding a motorcycle with the prosthesis
(with and without modifications)

ProtheoFit brings "drive" to your care

We are in contact with all leading manufacturers and maintain system partnerships – in order that we are always in keeping with the state of the art of the latest developments in respect of therapeutical and material considerations. The newest possibilities for care are often available to us for testing already during the development phase. Following their market launch, you can convince yourself of innovative products on-site with us - C-Leg, Helix, Genium, Reo-Knee,just to mention a few examples here.  


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