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Why ProtheoFit?

Immediately following reha we're there for you and help you to regain your mobility and independence. An inter-disciplinary team of physiotherapists, ergotherapists and orthopaedic technicians accompany the patient within the scope of targeted prosthetic training on the way to the everyday routine of work and leisure time. Specialists for the treatment of pain are also integrated in the support team if required.

But we're concerned not only with physical improvement. We'd like the patient to be able to move about in all realms of life! The challenges posed by different leisure time and sport activities and a regular exchange with like-minded persons stimulate a sense of vitality and self-motivation.
And ProtheoFit also brings drive to patient care.
The inter-disciplinary team of experts supports doctors and therapists for advising persons with artificial limbs. Synergies can be utilised which, besides optimising therapy, also provide relief for the different service providers. Furthermore, the Protheofit concept furthers co-operation with the statutory health services.Professional, long-term documentation of the individual improvement in mobility takes place within the scope of prosthetic training, so that the service providers can see your personal progress.


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