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Mehr Sicherheit. Mehr Mobilität. Mehr vom Leben.
ProtheoFit bewegt.

ProtheoFit keeps everyone on the move

Protheofit offers support from the interim prosthesis to the definitive solution and with the matched parts system changeover for patients with:

» Lower leg amputation
» Knee disarticulation
» Upper legamputation
» Hip disarticulation and hemi-pelvectomy
» Double amputation

ProtheoFit also keeps you on the move with your arm prosthesis

Protheofit also supports you following the amputation of your arm. Here it is particularly important to train the basic mobility and the sensitivity, likewise from the interim prosthesis to the definitive solution.

We support patients with:

» Handamputation
» Armamputation
» Shoulder disarticulation


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