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Mehr Sicherheit. Mehr Mobilität. Mehr vom Leben.
ProtheoFit bewegt.

ProtheoFit keeps you on the move.

Individual training for returning to normality

With your prosthesis you'll begin a different life, but not a new life a new life.You simply have to learn how to deal with this. This is why we're there to help patients immediately following reha to restore and improve their mobility and independence.

An inter-disciplinary team of orthopaedic technicians, physiotherapists, walking trainers and wound therapists accompanies you within the scope of targeted prosthetic training on the way to your domestic environment and later to your everyday work and leisure time routine. And we also provide support to your doctor and therapists.


Clinical diagnosis

We bring drive to your life and your care

During your first visit our technical specialist and physical therapist perform a clinical diagnosis. For example, we examine your muscular status, the muscle power of your stump and the mobility of your joints. Sensitivity to pain and phantom pain are analysed in the history. The technical assessment serves to inspire the form and function of your prosthesis. The result forms the basis for the individual therapy plan, which is implemented in our new, specially equipped facilities. The individual focus is upon the improvement of mobility and performance. Coordinative capabilities are trained by targeted physiotherapy. But we're concerned not only with physical improvement. We'd like the patient to be able to move about in all realms of life! The challenges posed by different leisure time and sport activities and a regular exchange with like-minded persons stimulate self-motivation. Professional, long-term documentation of the individual improvement in mobility takes place within the scope of prosthetic training, so that the service providers can regularly follow your personal progress.


Accompanied by cameras

The most modern technology for optimal results

In order to obtain a comprehensive picture of your status, we utilise the most modern video-supported walking analysis. Dartfishgenerates an objective walking and bio-mechanical analysis and simultaneously displays these with the help of nine cameras. The superposition of individual sequences shows the therapeutic success in recognisable and comparable form.
With the help of the "Lasar posture" measuring method, we determine the centre of gravity of the body and control the prosthetic structure in a stress line. The high-speed proVision camera permits angular measurements in all phases of movement for the actual-target comparative evaluation. This allows the optimal fitting and adjustment of the matched parts of your prosthesis. Thanks to the new Posturomed technology and an exactly defined natural frequency, as well as the damping of the therapeutic surface, we work according to the principle of rhythmic stimulation. A staircase training ground with 15 steps and inclined levels and a special bicycle ergometer round out the technical equipment of ProtheoFit.


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