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Mehr Sicherheit. Mehr Mobilität. Mehr vom Leben.
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What is Protheofit?

With a prosthesis you'll begin a different life, but not a new life a new life. We support you with this adjustment. Immediately following reha, we'll help you to regain your mobility and...

Why ProtheoFit?

Immediately following reha we're there for you and help you to regain your mobility and independence. An inter-disciplinary team of physiotherapists, ergotherapists and orthopaedic technicians...

Our specialists

Sandra Wegmann, Head of Physical Therapy and walking trainerMarkus Rehm, master orthopaedic mechanicand walking trainer

Start Protheofit

At the beginning of 2013 ProtheoFit opened the new training facilities with matching staircase training site and inclined levels.


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