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ProtheoFit provides for mobility

At Protheofit we develop a therapy plan together with you to improve your mobility, based upon your mobility at the beginning and the envisaged target mobility. The analysis is on the basis of therapeutical and technical status tests.
This is oriented to a five-step phase model, in which we classify you according to your status.

The five phases of prosthesis care are

Phase I – the patient becomes "prosthesis-fit"

In this phase the focus of the reha is upon · Healing of the wound· Reducing the stump swelling· Preparing the stumpProtheoFit supports the patient here with the help of oedema therapy, correct positioning of the prosthesis, mobilisation with the prosthesis, advice for auxiliary aids, rebuilding the muscles following the operation, stretching the stump muscles, care of the skin and scarring and interim care.

Phase II – the patient becomes "walking-fit"

Here the patient learns· How to correctly attach the prosthesis· Basic knowledge and instructions· Suitable muscle training· How to deal with phantom painIn detail this primarily concerns the handling and cleaning of the prosthesis, learning the basics, such as standing up and sitting down, balance training, finding the stable standing position, safe and secure walking with the prosthesis on a level walkway, and working out the support and free-leg phases.

Phase III – the patient becomes "routine-fit"

After successfully mastering the basics, ProtheoFit then ensures that the patient is again made fit for his or her everyday routine. Together we improve · Co-ordination and endurance· Terrain fitness· Limited sport activitiesThe possibilities for training these points include increasing the inclination of the walking path, eliminating auxiliary aids, walking training on the level walking path, ramp and stairs, advice concerning auxiliary aids, terrain training , muscle power for the stabilisation of the trunk and pelvis, balance and co-ordination training, training daily activities (ADL training), and special function training according to the prosthetic care.

Phase IV – the patient becomes "work-fit"

In order to simplify the patient's return to the routine workday ProtheoFit offers special· Ergotherapy· Preparation for workThis concerns ergotherapy specially matched to the person with an artificial limb (external) and internal training in preparation for resuming work, for example gripping and walking techniques or ADL training at the place of work or for hobbies, such as overhead working.

Phase V – the patient becomes "leisure-fit"

The goal is to stabilise the patient in all respects and positively change the sense of vitality! Protheofit keeps you on the go, for example, with· An offer of a walking group· A golf cup· Hand-bike tours· Segway toursLeisure time and sport activities with exchange of experiences within the group of persons wearing artificial limbs provide incentives and goals for all those participating. At the same time, the Phase V patients serve as good examples for the patients in Phase I and thus provide motivation for the "beginners": Move about, don't give up!


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